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Mr. Long tells a joke

I love this picture.  He’s a good natured cat, and it looks like he’s laughing.   Maybe he was! Now, I just wish he wouldn’t take off for 3 days at a time.  I always worry.  He comes back hungry, but shiny and happy.  I didn’t think neutered cats were supposed …

RIP Gazette

I fed the outside tortoise-shell type kitty, Gazette, this morning.  She was happy to see me and meowed FEED ME FEED ME like she always does when the canned food comes out.  She scarfed it down as usual and walked toward the garage door.  I went back in the house …

Control A Cat

I got this for Christmas. Well, not this card, but a little remote control device. It doesn’t work on ANY of my cats, dammit.  I suppose since it’s powered by postive thinking that it’s MY FAULT that it doesn’t work. Feh.

Bad Parenting

Fur kid parenting, that is … This would be Scuff having crab on newspaper with us the other night.  The Montevina Zinfandel was very good but also very sulfite-heavy and just about made me explode.  Scuff and Bob both liked it, though. Gad, I guess I should straighten up that …