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Your comments, how they sting …



If I can remember, I’m going to put little tidbits on here periodically.  Never going to write my heart out on this again, no reason to or not to.

All time favorite public spelling error:  An article about JFK and the Bag of Pigs.


Physical reasons about getting old that don’t actually suck (as ALL THE REST DO).
a.) Mosquitoes rarely bite me anymore and when they do, I don’t get the giant welts, I just get a little mosquito bite.
b.) I don’t get cavities anymore.  I have had way more cavities than teeth in my life but nary a one in the last 10 years and I still have all my own teeth, knock on wood.  Hopefully won’t do a face plant on my way out the door and lose all my front teeth for saying that.  My sister the meth head has no teeth, and badly fitting dentures.



crazy fun



Living in the past

I have the hots for a dead man.

Seems reasonable for an October pastime.

I give you:  Anton Chekhov.

Those eyes!

Anton_Chekhov_with_bow-tie_sepia_image (1)Anton_P_Chekhov







19th century gifs

A celebration of movement, I think.  And a window into the creative minds of yesterday …  creepy doesn’t belong exclusively to our century.

reallycreepy creepy